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Robin Foster

Expert researcher, writer, and presenter on topics: Genealogy, African American History, & Social Networking Strategies

Robin is a researcher, writer, and presenter.  She helps connect people to genealogy and historical resources.  Many of the people and organizations who follow her are also learning how to build social networks to grow their communities.  She has helped several to establish online presences on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other major platforms.  

Robin has a keen sense of how to use social media to curate content, attract new customers, and build communities focused on a common interest.  She was recently highlighted in Madame Noire for her success in building a community on Pinterest focused on African American History and Genealogy.  

See Tech Talk: Pinterest Gains Ground With African-American Women:  

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Robin Foster's Background

Robin Foster's Experience

National Genealogy Examiner at

August 2012 - Present |

Robin Foster has been researching and assisting others with their genealogy since 1985. She shares her expertise about current technologies, historical documentation, and strategies useful to genealogists and family historians. Robin is a regular presenter at libraries and genealogical societies. Her latest free resource is the e-book, "Genealogy: 11 Ways to Determine Death" which is available for download on

Community Volunteer at Columbia Family History Center

August 2005 - March 2012

Social Networking Instructor at Columbia LDS Employment Resource Services

March 2011 - May 2011

Taught Social Networking at Columbia LDS Employment Resource Services

Homeschooler at Academic Achievement

August 1997 - January 2007

Homeschooled daughter until 2007. Homeschooled additional child in homeschool 2002-2004.

Area Manager and Sewing Machine Department Sales & Service at Singer & So-Fro Fabrics

November 1987 - February 1992

Managed Singer Sewing Machine Department for So-Fro Fabrics. Area Manager for departments in local stores. Duties included hiring, training, other managers, achieving monthly sales goals, inventory, accounting, monthly reports.

National African American History Examiner at Examiner

May 2012

Robin Foster has been researching African American History since 1985. She is well versed in identifying the most overlooked resources which document the history, lives, and culture of African Americans. Her passion is salvaging and sharing the history from the true perspective of African Americans. Her favorite time period is the Reconstruction Era because of its much neglected literature and documentation that has the potential to help African Americans align themselves with core values that make a successful people and community. Follow Robin on Twitter: @savingstories, Facebook, and Pinterest

Columbia Ethnic Community Examiner at

June 2010

Independent Contractor writing for the Ethnic Community in Columbia, South Carolina for

Independent Consultant at Heritage Makers

April 2007

I am in the business of helping people discover and share information about their ancestors. I am an award winning book publishing consultant for Heritage Makers, the best storybooking company in the world. I have been publishing and designing storybooks since 2007. Heritage Studio, which is the Heritage Makers online book publishing software. In addition to designing and creating books, I also teach clients how to use Heritage Makers products to preserve their history themselves.

Robin Foster's Education

St. Francis Academy, Joliet, IL

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Robin Foster's Interests & Activities

African American history, genealogy, cooking, gardening, painting, sewing

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